The college is alive to take care of its students’ health. For this purpose the college has set up an air-conditioned dispensary. It has hired a qualified doctor who visits the college twice a week. A full time qualified dispenser performs his duties regularly. The students are also provided with medicines and first aid facilities free of cost.


The college cafeteria provides the students with refreshment facilities. The college management pays special attention and care to ensure the quality and freshness of food items at affordable prices as well as cleanliness in the cafeteria.


In partial fulfillment of the requirement for passing the B.Com /M.Com Final examination, a candidate is also required to undergo three months practical training with a commercial concern, subject to the approval of college principal and on the production of a certificate to that effect. The candidates are required to undertake the training soon after their B.Com Part-II examination.


The college provides a variety of services to assist the students in obtaining positions in public / private accounting firms and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies manufacturing firms and corporate sector.

We are grateful to the management of various organizations which continue to extend their co-operation in adjusting our graduates against different positions. 

Since 1976, a large number of college Alumni have achieved positions of significance, authenticity and responsibility in various organizations Viz-a-Viz, Banks, Corporate Sector, Marketing, Chartered Accountancy etc.


The college, in consultation with the participants, has inaugurated Alumni.

Membership of the association is optional. The aims and objectives of the alumni are as under: 

  1. To establish and maintain a liaison between the participants in the field and the college.
  2. To provide an opportunity to the experienced comrades to get together.
  3. To facilitate an exchange of ideas and opinions among the participants who have  


Graduated from the college.

  1. To invite ex-students who have attained the position of prominence in business and                       

Industry to attend seminars and conferences.

  1. To publish a journal containing articles on business and allied fields.