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Candidates are required to undergo three months practical training with a commercial concern, subject to the approval of college principal and on the production of a certificate to that effect. The candidates are required to undertake the training soon after their B.Com Part-II examination. CAREER COUNSELING CELL The college provides a variety of services to assist the students in obtaining positions in public / private accounting firms and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies manufacturing firms and corporate sector. We are grateful to the management of various organizations which continue to extend their co-operation in adjusting our graduates against different positions.  Since 1976, a large number of college Alumni have achieved positions of significance, authenticity and responsibility in various organizations Viz-a-Viz, Banks, Corporate Sector, Marketing, Chartered Accountancy etc. ALUMNI The college, in consultation with the participants, has inaugurated Alumni. Membership of the association is optional. The aims and objectives of the alumni are as under: 
  1. To establish and maintain a liaison between the participants in the field and the college.
  2. To provide an opportunity to the experienced comrades to get together.
  3. To facilitate an exchange of ideas and opinions among the participants who have  
Graduated from the college.
  1. To invite ex-students who have attained the position of prominence in business and                       
Industry to attend seminars and conferences.
  1. To publish a journal containing articles on business and allied fields.
COLLEGE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Education is of vital importance in polishing the potentialities of a child, building up his character, providing him a dignified posture and determining his destiny. The process of his education is a kind of triangle which remains incomplete if one of the three essentials (the student, the teacher and the parent) is missing. Parents are supposed to remain in touch with the institution of their son/ward. This entails the formation of parent-teacher Association in educational institution as the most effective way to establish liaison between parents of the students and the teachers for their academic excellence. The college maintains this effective forum and holds quarterly meeting with the parents /guardians of the students. These meetings enable both the parents and the teachers to discuss the academic progress of the students and impediments to their academic pursuits. This forum ensures proper grooming and dignified posture, after successful completion of their academic pursuits.  COLLEGE NEWS LETTER The college publishes a monthly news letter at the end of every month to impart information  about the curricular and co-curricular activities. It acts as a spokesman of the college and keeps all the stake holders well informed of the developments in the college as well as in the domain of  education. INTERNAL EXMINATIONS The college administration conducts two internal examinations at I.Com / ICS / M.Com level for the students every year to evaluate the students’ performance to get effective feedback. Moreover, a well integrated and compact monthly class test system enables the faculty members to monitor the meaningful learning of the students. Assignments, surprise tests and quizzes to help the students prepare themselves for final examination. For BS programme mid terms examinations for each semester is conducted as per policy of QAU.


Students will not be eligible for Board / University examination unless they fulfill the following conditions:-

  1. Must be regular and bonafide student of the college.
  2. Must have attended 75% of the total lecturers delivered in each subject for the Board

and the University examination.

  1. Must have shown satisfactory progress in studies.
  2. Must bear good moral character /conduct.
  3. Must have cleared all college dues and paid examination fee prescribed by the Board/                             University.  
  4. Must have passed the send-up examination.


Promotion from I.Com-I to I.Com-II will be made according to academic rules prescribed by the Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad.

Promotion from B.Com-I to B.Com-II and M.Com-I to M.Com-II will be made as decided by the Board of studies in Commerce, the QAU.

Promotion of BS students from one semester to another semester is subject to maintenance of GPA and required attendance. 


The college is always in pursuit of motivation for its students to soar higher and higher in the realm of education. The promising students are rewarded with cash prize of Rs.15000, Rs.10000 and Rs.8000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the university and Board examinations. Similarly to encourage the students, they are rewarded with the cash prize of Rs.5000, Rs.4000 and Rs.2000 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions respectively at the college level in the board / University examination as under:-

Position at college Level

1st Position


2nd Position


3rf Position


Position at Board University Level

1st Position


2nd Position


3rf Position



The College has been making progress by leaps and bounds for the last many years in curricular and co-curricular activities. It is a regular feature that the college students get positions in University and Board Examination. In the realm of sports, our students have won many medals and trophies also.


The college administration takes keen interest in the professional development of its Faculty members. They are sent abroad as well as locally for professional training. In the last years many teachers were sent abroad for professional training in South Korea and India.


Exhibitions are held during the academic session. These exhibitions provide platform for the students to show their passion for creativity and talent for different activities in keeping pet animals and birds. Kress shows, collection of coins and tickets. Numismatists and ticket collectors enrich the knowledge of students. It enhances their knowledge of history, geography and culture. Pet animals are also brought by the students and students showed take interest in animals’ show. The objective of these activities is to channel the energies of the youth in creative, positive and productive manner. It gives students a sense of achievement and participation, and the students really feel encouraged and appreciated. Dress-show has been a source of great enthusiasm among the students’ tailoring, style, fabric, shade and colors of their dresses pleases everyone. Participants earn applause from the audience. The very activity lends modernity and novelty, which is really a great fun.


Miss Sabiha Shaheen secured 1ST POSITION in Quaid-i-Azam University in M.Com. Annual Examination 2018   

Mr. Faizan ul Haq secured 2ND POSITION in Quaid-i-Azam University in M.Com. Annual Examination 2018  

Mr. Nasir Hussain secured 3rd POSITION in Quaid-i-Azam University in M.Com. Annual Examination 2018  

Mr. Mansoor Ahmad secured 2ND POSITION in Quaid-i-Azam University in B.Com. Annual Examination 2018

Mr. Saad Naveed secured 3RD POSITION in Quaid-i-Azam University in B.Com. Annual Examination 2018

  • College secured 2ND POSITION in Volleyball Championship Trophy in the intercollegiate QAU Championship 2018-19.
  • College secured 2ND POSITION in Kabaddi Championship Trophy in the intercollegiate QAU Championship 2018-19.
  • College secured 3RD POSITION in Hockey Championship Trophy in the intercollegiate QAU Championship 2018-19.
  • College secured 3rd POSITION in Cricket Championship Trophy in the intercollegiate QAU Championship 2018-19.
  • College secured various prominent positions in Athletics Tournaments in the intercollegiate QAU Championship 2018-19.
  • College secured 3rd POSITION in Volleyball Championship Trophy in the intercollegiate FBISE Championship 2018-19.
  • Mr. Hasham ul Hassan , Student of M.Com. secured 1st position in inter collegiate NAAT Competition organized by FDE, Islamabad.
  • In the year 2019 one honourable faculty member Dr. Muhammad Arif completed his PhD programme and awarded with PhD degree in Finance from Iqra University, Islamabad.
  • 03 faculty members completed their M.Phil degrees 


In M.Com Block, a corner is exclusively allocated for fruit trees. The objective of the fruit Tree Corner is to create awareness among the students, that trees play an important role in life. It inculcates among students a sense of belonging and love for nature and environment. Trees are not only a source of beauty but also keep our environment clean and fresh. Trees of Different

fruits like apple, apricot, fig, olive, almond, orange, peach, walnut, pomegranate, etc are planted by dignitaries and distinguished guests like Advisor to prime Minister Sardar Aseef Ali Ahmad and Affiliation committee from the University of the Punjab, Chairman National language Authority, vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and the students who performed extraordinary in curricular and co-curricular activities Trees planted by passing out students will be handed over to the new comers: the alumni would feel a sense of ownership.  


The College council is the supreme body in all matters regarding maintenance of discipline and order in the college. The principal acts as the Chairman of the council with one of the senior members of the faculty as secretary of the council and three other members one of whom may be the chief proctor or any other teaching staff member nominated by the principal as co-opted member.

Meeting of the council may be convened whenever it is necessary to deliberate on any case of indiscipline, misconduct, etc. The council may impose fine, suspension, rustication and compulsory migration (transfer certificate) or may cancel a student’s admission depending upon the nature of his offence. Decisions taken by the council are irrevocable.


The proctorial Board consisting of the Chief proctor and a number of teachers / student proctors maintains discipline in and around the college. The Proctorial Board has the power to impose fine, recommend expulsion of those who violate the college rules.



The College students are required to wear the following prescribed uniform with insignia while coming to the college or representing it at other places.

I.Com. / ICS classes

                              1st Shift

                                2nd Shift

White Shirt

Steel Gray Trousers

Black Jersey 

Black Shoes

Black Socks 

Black Belt

White Shirt 

Dark Gray Trousers

Light Gray Jersey 

Black Shoes 

Black Socks 

Black Belt


BS classes

White shirt with blue lining / strips 

Steel Gray Trousers

Light blue Jersey / blazer 

Black Shoes

Black Socks 

Black Belt


M./Com.  Classes

Male students

Female students

Light blue shirt 

Steel gray trouser 

Navy blue Jersey / blazer 

Black Shoes 

Black Socks 

Black Belt

White Shalwar Qameez 

Navy blue Jersey / blazer 

Black Shoes 

Black Socks



After enrolment every student is provided with non-transferable college identity card and library card. Students must keep / display the identity card in their possession while coming to the college, which must be produced on demand. Failure to do so is punishable.


A student who remains absent from classes for continuous seven days, shall automatically stand struck off from the college roll unless the cause of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the principal. In such cases the student may be re-admitted within a week after being struck off from the college roll.


In the interest of the college, a student may be fined, suspended, rusticated, expelled, given forced transfer Certificate (T.C) or his admission cancelled at any time by the principal.

Continuation of enrolment of students in the college is subject to his good behavior. Students are directed to conform strictly to the rules of discipline as well as order / notice issued by the principal from time to time. Violation of these rules may render a student liable to rustication / expulsion from the college.


  1. Every students inside or outside the college is expected to maintain discipline and good behavior. Severe action may be taken against those defying order of their teachers and incurring breach of any college rule. 
  2. Students are strictly forbidden to talk near the class rooms and library. No loitering is allowed in and around corridors during the teaching hours.
  3. Students are not allowed to enter the college without college uniform and college identity card.
  4. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  5. Smoking and use of intoxicants within the college premises and nearby outside the premises is strictly prohibited.
  6. Bicycles, Motor-cycles, and Cars should be kept locked and parked at the place provided for the purpose. College does not assume any responsibility in case of loss / damage.
  7. Students must not enter the college administrative office. They should communicate through the window provided for this purpose.
  8. All applications for issuance of character and other certificates should be submitted

through the office.

  1. Nothing will be pasted, distributed and written on the college walls.
  2. Students are warned not to participate in political, anti national and activities against the college discipline.
  3. Students shall abide by all such rules and orders as may be issued y the college, whether these rules and orders supplement the rules printed in the prospects or modify or supersede any of these rules.
  4. In conditioning deficiencies, the candidate’s examination results, regularity in class work etc. shall be taken in to consideration.
  5. All applications for remission of fine should be made before the dues are paid and should be left with the college
  6. Carrying of weapons / firing in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students are bound to pay all college dues well in time.

Note: Violation of any one of the above rules laid down / amended subsequently shall render the offender (s) liable to disciplinary action or expulsion /rustication from the college.



Every student joining the college is supposed to adhere strictly to the following code of honor.

  1. Respect for others, morality, personal honor and rights of other, honesty and integrity in all dealings with fellow students and teachers, both in and out side the college campus.
  2. Protection of the college property and of the fellow students 
  3. Showing due respect to elders, teachers and visitors, courteous and helpful behavior towards all those with whom they come in contact.
  4. Pledge to work and complete the courses of study in the shortest possible period without wasting time or causing disturbance.
  5. Pledge to work hard to excel in life to serve the nation after leaving the institution.